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Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is a classic look with a low zero fade along the sides and back with a textured top length.

This aesthetic is perfect for any bold modern man who’s willing to stand out and look good doing so. The tops of the beard have been faded from the skin, sporting longer length along the sides to give it that sharp definition.



Firstly use the King Brown Sea Salt Spray to the roots of hair ( this could be done on a damp or dry hair ) and distribute the products with your hands to the length, and leave it to dry or use a blow dryer to dry to achieve more texture. Then with your fingertips use the Bowery Hold Fast to mold your final look ! Mess it up with products to get funky / rough look

Bowery Holdfast - 100ml

The Bowery

Bowery Holdfast - 100ml




Team Leader

Mt Roskill Store

I am Shamitha from Sri Lanka, mostly known as Sammy, and I’m the team leader at the Mt Roskill store. Tom, our model has a great face structure and fuller beard, therefore I choose this style to give him a sharp look which he could pull out on any occasion whether it’s formal or casual. Using correct products he could rock this style anywhere any time!